Saturday, July 28, 2012

Team Guts Guts Guts Guts

Welcome to Team Guts Guts Guts Guts. We are four guys who have been inspired to enter Project Twenty1's 21-Day Filmmaking Competition for 2012. That's exactly what it sounds like--starting tonight, we have 21 days to complete a film up to 10 minutes long.

Our core team is made up of filmmakers, animators, photographers, songwriters, musicians, and graphic designers, so we are all interested in creative challenges. This will be our first year attempting this task, so we have a lot of work cut out for us.

For the past few months, we have been slowly preparing ourselves for the announcement of the "Secret Element"--the ingredient that is required to appear in the finished film--at which point all creative hell will break loose. Since the four of us have not worked together specifically as a group in the past, we've spent some time meeting in diners, testing equipment, brainstorming ideas, and of course, arguing. It's as much a project management exercise as it a film experiment. Oh, and something about fun too.

We're hoping this blog will be a candid and honest record of our successes and failures as we attack the project, and as the project fights us back. In a few hours, the gun will sound and we'll choose which path to run. Will it be straight for the finish line? Or will we try to run through the hurdles and take everyone out with us?  Maybe we'll show off our sexy dance moves first? I don't know yet, but however we decide to tackle this challenge, we will definitely wear short shorts while yelling "USA! USA! USA!".

Guts Guts Guts Guts:
Alan Camuto
Wally Chung
Rollie Hatch
Kirk Howle

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