Saturday, September 29, 2012

PFAF Program - Page 13

It's very exciting to see "Clipped" in the festival's full-color program. No, the novelty hasn't worn off yet for me.*

I'm also happy that they pulled a cool still from the film for the sidebar photo as it was one of my favorite shots of the production. Kirk set that one up by making Matt lay on the Brooklyn Heights sidewalk for about a half hour while people kept walking around us giving funny looks. The natural light was amazing as the sun was setting across the river.

Framing Matt's face upside-down was also a great choice that adds to the disjointed psyche of the character (JP) at this point in the film. In this shot, JP starts to smile, but to the viewer's brain seeing it inverted, initially processes it as a frown. Why is JP laying on the sidewalk having so many mixed emotions? Come down at 5pm and find out!

* PFAF's standard policy for programs is to list just one member of the team, and I was the lucky one. Just so there's no confusion, we are very much a team of four Guts, and would've preferred equal billing.

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