Friday, August 17, 2012

The Guts Guts Guts Guts Rap

3 weeks ago when we casted Matt Ringler as our lead actor, he became so elated with joy that he  instantiously created this rap about our team.

Me and Alan Camuto rolling in his Hugo bumping our Menudo, stealing babies just like Vigo. You're the turkey, I'm the hero, you're the Corgan and the zero, I'm the church and I'm the steeple. You're the peephole and the people so I see right in your evil. I'm the father, you're the son, and the holy ghost is Wally Chung, so we'll pick him up and run, he's not godly, just full of holes, he's not nosy but he knows that they stack the boats in rows. Rollie Hatch, Rollie Hatch, what a catch is Rollie Hatch, if you catch a catch like Rollie Hatch, you'd never throw him back. Back it up, back it in, back to Africa, back to Berlin. Back in the USSR, back in Alan Camuto's fancy car. Drive for days, Drive by Cars, Drive without the Real Girls starring Lars, we'll drive together to get real pally, and never bother to pick up Kirk Howle.

Free-styling is just one of the many talents Matt possesses. The Guts Guts Guts Guts team was very grateful to have worked with him alongside Jordan McLemore and our many other talented contributors. Tonight we finish our edits and mail out our masterpiece! We'll finally have a name for this film and a lot more will be revealed about it... Well, as much as we're allowed to reveal before it's premiere at Project Twenty1 at the end of September! Stay tuned to this space. This is only the beginning.

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