Monday, August 13, 2012

The Storyboards of Us: Part 2

A lot of organizing and editing went down this past weekend. The editing program we originally planned to use for the project was Adobe Premiere Pro. We had some problems with it when we worked on editing our test shoot prior to the project start (duplicate audio tracks, weird footage anomalies), so we considered other software. Ultimately, we got lazy and decided to stick it out instead.

But yesterday, after many hours of organizing and editing a rough cut, frustration with the program reared its ugly head yet again. We loaded up a quick, cheap alternative program, iMovie, and prepared to cut our losses and move forward with it. Then we had difficulty importing our footage into iMovie, so we switched back to Premiere yet again in the interest of time. Though we will all take turns editing some of the footage, we're putting the bulk of it on Wally's shoulders as he is the most comfortable with the program and least likely to punch the monitor screen.

That said, we now have about 3/5th of the film edited, but we still have our fourth and final shooting session taking place tonight. Why did we schedule our final shooting session only a handful of days left before the project deadline? Because this scene will feature footage recorded from an earlier session that needed to be edited first. Yeah, we planned some crazy stuff for this film.

How crazy?

Ok, not that crazy, but we do have a slightly meta concept that once again, I must apologize for not being able to share. It's not about Storyboards, if that makes you feel better.


  1. Does that storyboard mean that Matt will be break-dancing?