Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Less-Than-Ten-Minute Warning

After finalizing the DVD, gathering the paperwork, and finally arriving home at 8:30AM (in the rain), I decided to pop in the finished product for just one last check. Yes, we knew the film inside out already--we had watched every scene before and after every single update, format swap, and render-bender. But it had not yet been viewed outside of studios, and I figured it was worth trying on a different TV.

And of course you know what happened next--I noticed some mistakes that none of us had caught before. And others we had brushed off seemed worse with a change of scenery. The combination of my sleep deprivation and marathon creative obsessive disorder meant that I could not let it go.*

So I fired up the Premiere and played "Can I Live With This Mistake?" vs "Do I Have Time and Ability To Do Anything About It?" for a while, then moved on to "Audio Quality" vs "Video Quality." (That was a draw.) One losing battle that wasn't worth playing for long was "Hey, Let's Check Things Out With Headphones On!". When I started hallucinating while watching the credits of The Tron Legacy during one particularly long rendering process, I admitted I was no longer mentally fit to edit.

I headed over to Kinko's with a couple hours to spare, explained the situation to the FedEx rep, and apologized several times for sounding insane. As of 4:22pm on Day 21, we can officially call this production wrapped.

Now that everything's finished, we'll be able to talk more about specific things we learned during this process as well as post more pictures, and some video and music too. And if you wish upon a star, maybe Wally and Kirk will chime in. Give us a couple days though because we've got a lot of sleep and cleaning to catch up on.

* If you're confused by the scary manic tone of this post, please re-read this sentence and understand that I still have yet to sleep for longer than 2 minutes since yesterday morning. 

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